What kind of Interview Questions for Cashier

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RileysDad in Rochester, New York

104 months ago

Does anybody know what kind of questions are asked for the "Service Clerk" (cashier) positions?

Are they factual based on my experience vs. their needs


Are they the 'scenario' questions? i.e. What if this, that or the other thing happened.....

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dustinf in Normal, Illinois

94 months ago

I didn't get interviewed but I know the skills part on the PC was math basics and such. The only reason I got out of the intervew was because I have already worked there in school for about half an hour every Friday.

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johnbradley77 in Concord, California

79 months ago

If you are asking about an interview, look to the basics. They are looking for: A proficient team member. Here are basic questions:

1. So, tell me about your self.
A: Name hobbies, clubs, etc. NOTHING BAD. Show that you are happy to be around people and stable.

2. Be prepared to explain why you left any previous jobs.
A: Relocation and desire for advancement are good answers. You never want to speak of conflicts, working conditions, or anything else about previous employers. You were NEVER fired!

3. Be prepared to show any gaps in your employment and explain why you were not at a short term job for very long.

4. Describe a typical day at your last job/or describe what you did at your last job.

5. Name a situation where you provided superior customer service.

6. What would you say is your most negative characteristic.
A: I would go with something you can spin into a positive..Ie. "I can't stand leaving a project incomplete. I tend to wear myself thin sometimes if I feel I need to to have it done to my satisfaction.

7. Why do you want to work here?
A: If you say, "money"...you failed.

Think about your answers during the interview. You don't want to look like you're slow, but you also don't want to look like you're making things up.

Also ask them if you can ask them questions about the position. A couple of good ones are:

How many hours would you be willing to give me per week?

What shifts are you looking to fill?

What pay rate are you offering?

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eee in Toronto, Ontario

47 months ago

Pay rate?
Everybody says that you CAN NEVER ask about pay rate...

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Gopal Rao in Bangalore, India

34 months ago

How to check mistake amount reply me sir........

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matchesmalone in Ann Arbor, Michigan

20 months ago

It's a shi t job. I wouldn't advice you to work there.

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