Can I be rehired at Walgreens if I quit on good terms?

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Kristin in San Jose, California

29 months ago

I quit at walgreens back in August, put my two weeks in to pursue another interest that didn't work out. The managers there really liked me and hated to see me go. I was curious how I could go about getting back in at Walgreens. Would I have to go through the whole interview process again? I worked there for 6 months as a Service Clerk and would like a job to get me through college.

Gladyis in Centerview, Missouri

20 months ago

Kristin, did you find an answer to your question? I too would like to work for Walgreens again.

Laur in Joplin, Missouri

16 months ago

Depends on how well your manager liked you before and if he has the hours to give you/is hiring. Call your old manager and ask. I've heard of people being rehired.

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