Is it appropriate to ask for an email for a Thank You note?

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Marco in Miami, Florida

23 months ago

I just had an interview and I want to send a thank you note, but I wasn't given the contact information of my interviewers, nor did I think to ask about it before I left.

Would it be appropriate to call the store and ask, "I was recently interviewed here, and would like to send thank you notes to my interviewers, but I did not get their emails. Would it be possible for me to get so-and-so's email address?" or is that just overkill/stalkerish/unnecessary?

Also, in general, if you aren't given the interviewers contact information, is it appropriate to ask for it during the interview?

sighing in southern, New Jersey

23 months ago

Yes, you can ask. Just add a sentence saying you understand that they may not want to share email for privacy reasons. Or something like that.

Yes you can always ask for contact info. They should not mind that. If they do, they will probably let you know.

Almost Suicidal in Houston, Texas

23 months ago

I try to alway remember to ask for a business card when I leave an interview. I've asked the secretary before for an email on my way out. Sometimes you can find people on Google, but probably not so much in retail. Good luck with the job, Marco!

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