Computer Forensics and Accounting?

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Josh in Williamston, Michigan

79 months ago

I have a degree/training/certification/experience in computer forensics and I am considering pairing this with accounting.

Is there any demand for people with skills in both areas (especially in the forensic accounting community)?

Career Hunter in Denver, Colorado

79 months ago


There probably will be.

The last time there was a big surge in forensic accounting was during the S&L scandals of the '80's. Since the government has earmarked $80B for the financial bailout, you can expect that there will be a lot of investigation into who is responsible once the dust settles.

It may not be a long term position, but if you are well skilled in computer forensics and accounting, you could quickly become a team leader or manager.

Mike in Dickson, Tennessee

36 months ago

I have a two year degree in Accounting and am almost finished with my four year. I have been in Law Enforcement for 17 and am looking to move on. Any idea where I can get some experience in the forensic accounting field with only a two year degree?

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