Unemployed accountants?

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Jeff in Minneapolis, Minnesota

46 months ago

Middle-aged guy here been unemployed almost 3 years now from the accounting world. I have experience however I hold a business administration degree (proud of the degree but now wish I had chosen a concentration).
Have been contemplating a second degree in accounting (or else something called an undergraduate certificate in accounting) but not sure if that's that smartest idea. I really have no interest in an MBA. I can't pursue another field as I don't have other experience and will not get noticed for any interviews.

I think I am rather screwed, but, wanted to find out if anyone else in my situation? Thanks.

mary in Tampa, Florida

46 months ago

If you middle aged (as I am at 53) don't waste any more money on education - that you will - and won't be able - to pay back. You will STILL be competing with someone younger than you, who will be a better choice.

I4ITSolutions in Albany, California

41 months ago

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