do you think employers are getting unrealistic on job requirements?

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Kitty in Seattle, Washington

39 months ago

I start looking a few weeks ago in accounting field. I feel employers are gettting very demanding on job requirements. For a general staff accountant, they want someone with MBA/CPA/CMA + 3-5 yrs experience + public accounting experience + Tier 1 system/ERP experience + all other general ones like proficient in Excel, great communication, etc.

I really think this market is totally different gamefield than 3.5 years ago when I landed my current job.

Your thoughts?

mrsmcleaver218 in Salt Lake City, Utah

39 months ago

I don't think they are getting too unrealistic. I think that it in this competitive job market they have to raise the bar in order to weed out people that will be successful at the job vs. those who won't be. I know it is hard to get experience when it seems like no one will hire you without it. However, if they set high standards for their employees, they don't risk wasting money and effort on individuals who can't hack it.

kitty in Kirkland, Washington

39 months ago

I am trying to say is I feel the employers have very demanding set of skils/education/experience requirements regardless of the job duties in their postings.

I understand they don't want to risk wasting money and effort however, hiring overqualified individual may turn into situation that she will quit as soon as there are other opportunities offering more challenges and salary out there.

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