Big 4 vs Regional

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mike in New York, New York

33 months ago

Hi everyone! I am looking at a job offer from a big regional cpa firm highly respected. Should I hold off and apply to a big 4? Recruiters have been telling me later in your career some firms only look for former big 4 on the resume? Is this true?

CPA, CGMA in Salt Lake City, Utah

32 months ago

Yes, this is part true. The Big 4 is extremely competitive and life is hell when you do arrive. If you are wanting to work in a big corporate org, then yes, big 4 nothing else. If you don’t have a desire for corporate life, regionals are the way to go (better work life balance etc.) At the end of the day it’s the network of people you develop in public accounting that will benefit you the most. In NYC your regional firms are large enough you can make some solid contacts.

Career change in New York, New York

31 months ago

I have thought a bout accounting before but never pursued it. I have a Bacehlors Degree in Business Administration.

I have absolutely NO interest in working of the big four. I would rather work for myself. I would rather get some experience and build up my own clientele on the side.

Would it be best to do accounting or book keeping for my particular goal?

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