Goals for Admin Asst

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92 months ago


what are the goals of a admin assistant?

Leona in Fort Worth, Texas

92 months ago

Professional goals? Personal goals? Please clarify your question.


92 months ago

would be good to have both. thanks.


91 months ago

If you are thinking about goals in an interview question here is a suggestion from a Dalhousie University site:
"(12) What are your long-range goals:
The interviewer is trying to find out whether this position fits in with your long term plans. The items to stress are that you like the company/organization, you hope to become a valuable employee, and that you hope you will be in a role which challenges you and enables you to make an effective contribution to the company.
Even if you know beforehand that the organization has opportunities for advancement and encourages it, be cautious about making statements concerning your desire for promotion. Excessive enthusiasm for advancement can be misinterpreted as dissatisfaction with the job you are starting in or as future problem competition."

Possible Responses To Some Typical Interview Questions, staffingservices.dal.ca/Interview%20Preparation/Responses.php, (accessed October 17, 2007)

gaddodanquah@yahoo.com in Accra, Ghana

66 months ago

I need to do my annual review and my manager has requested that I creat my own goals to be graded upon.

I am finding it difficult to find any goals that are measurable by some means other than to be evaluated by the reviewer.

Any goal suggestions?

Patricia in Ottawa, Ontario

65 months ago

Getting your head around goals is always difficult I find, but once you get started it is not too bad. Do you have any goals that you have set for yourself in your position? My goal is to support my boss to best of my ability and I will do that by... then set out how you will accomplish it and by when. Things like setting up a workable filing system both hard copy and electronic, setting up a bring-forward system to ensure things are kept track of, streamlining the processes in the office to be more efficient by making checklists, etc. You can also have a goal related to your boss's or the organization's goals, for example one of my organization's goals is to grow the business and deliver value. To set a goal based on that as an assistant you can set a goal to promote excellence by providing the best quality product and then set out how you will do that, for example, by proofreading your work and paying attention to detail.
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Karen Porter of The Effective Admin in Savannah, Georgia

52 months ago

Here are two guidelines to keep in mind when creating goals: 1) "Goals" and "vision" are not the same thing; 2) you "achieve" goals, you don't "do" them. So don't confuse goals with tasks or your to-do list (or confuse the vision you're trying to reach with your goals to reach it).

Also, the goals of an admin assistant will vary per individual. Every administrative professional is a different person doing a different job in a different company. There is no "one size fits all" admins in regard to any type of goals.

See a description of The Effective Admin goal setting guide for administrative assistants and executives assistants here:

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