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A in Newark, New Jersey

110 months ago

I have been a admin assistant at 3 different jobs now. First I feel like the title of admin assistant is just a fancy term for secretary in some jobs. My first experience was bad, I was bored all the time, the office manager who I was assisting didn't have enough work to give me and did it all her self so I didn't do much, when my boss wanted me to do telemarketing that was the end of that job. The second job was for a construction company and I was constantly running around, sitting on jobs, going to building departments, overseeing projects ect...I had to leave that job because certain reasons unfortunatley and set up with a temp agency. They hired me too a creative agency and I guess my title is admin assistant/studio assistant.

Now first off this is a growing company, just starting out, everything is done on computers, the phone barely rings everything is pretty self sufficeint. I do random word docs or spreadsheets when someone needs something typed, fed ex packages, and manage the studio inventory. I realize I need to be pro active and find work for myself but I honestly cannot think of anything I need to be doing. I have organized the adress book, and the files, made inventory spreadsheets, job sreadsheets cleaned the office ect.

Is it just me or there really nothing I should be doing because i feel guilty that i just sit at my desk and browse online all day but if no ones really giving me anything to do is there much for me to do?

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109 months ago

Are you the only admin? Can you ask the other admins if you could help them? I would always be making myself available to assist others.

If that doesn't work I would discuss the situation with your HR Manager.

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K in Temple, Texas

109 months ago

It could be that they don't have the workflow to keep you busy. I work at a hospital for a Director who has 200 employees under him. I work 20 hours a week overtime to keep everything going, plus I delegate many tedious tasks to other people looking for overtime.
We have put a proposal to HR to change our status to Office Manager because that is really what I do. We'll see how that goes in a big organization.
Ask for other things to do from your supevisors. Sometimes they have stuff and don't want to ask you to do it.

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Leona in Fort Worth, Texas

109 months ago

If you are going to put anything on your resume, you should take some initiative and look for ways to be helpful, ask for more work and/or look for ways to save the company money.

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bill in Newark, New Jersey

109 months ago

admin assistant duties include...

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