How do you get your first administrative assistant position?

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akire in Riverside, New Jersey

53 months ago

I have a bachelor's degree in the liberal arts. I can type and am a fast learner. How can I break into this field? I have only retail management experience.

AdminRckStr in Brooklyn, New York

52 months ago

I have a specialized degree that is in the liberal arts field...well I had to take alot of liberal arts classes. I got hired for admin jobs with NO office experience shortly after I graduated from college. Do you know Microsoft Suite? If not, you must learn it pronto.

I doubt that you will have trouble getting hired, however you will most likely have to deal with the shock of working in an office after being a liberal arts student. It's a whole new world and takes some getting used to. Learn time management, project management, conflict resolution and stress management. Master stuff like that and you'll be fine.

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