Conferences geared to the assistant

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91 months ago

I recently received a brochure for a conference for assistants and the cost is about $1,600 for a weekend conference. The topics are really good and I'd like to go, but could not afford it. I was wondering do other assistants go to these conferences and pay on their own or does the employer usually pay?

alittlebrit in Tucson, Arizona

84 months ago

I would suggest you join the local chapter of International Assn of Admin Professionals (get your company to pay the annual dues!) You will learn more, and get great networking opportunities.

Patricia in Ottawa, Ontario

84 months ago

I joined IAAP about a year ago, and you are right the networking is great. I decided if I was going to join I might as well be an active member. This month the new board will take over and I am involved in membership. Not sure what it will involve, but I am happy to do it. I have introduced IAAP to our firm and they now pay membership for two of us and for the monthly dinner meetings. It really is a great place to be if you are an assistant who is serious about your career.

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