Something I've noticed about Admin Assistant jobs lately

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catlover in Texarkana, Texas

46 months ago

I've been looking for a job and noticed that 99% of admin assistant jobs require being the receptionist also. why is this? It use to not be like that. I don't want to do that part of the job but it looks like I'm probably not going to have a choice.

Admin in Baltimore, Maryland

46 months ago

Yes, you're correct. I got a "promotion" to a higher-level admin job in my organization. The job description made no mention of covering the office phones or covering the phone of the person I directly support. Also, in the interviews no one mentioned answering calls.

About 3 weeks into my job, I had 7 other people's phone lines put on my phone. Every time they get a call, it rings on my phone. If they or their assistants aren't around or step away, I have to answer their lines. At least 20-30 times a day. Very annoying.

Bottom line, even if the job posting doesn't list answering phones, you'll probably have to do it anyway. Of course, some offices have a higher call-volume than others.

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