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Denise in Rochester, New Hampshire

32 months ago

Do not go to Bonney Staffing and waste your time. They AGE DISCRIMATE BIG TIME. Have had nothing but excuses from them as to why they will not submit my name for positions, even though I tested high in typing and data entry. Wouldn't let me even test for Word and Excel, but when I tried to apply for an admin assistant they couldn't submit me as a candidate because I had not tested for Word and Excel. All staff are in their 20's and give you the run around if you are over 50 as to why you would not be submitted for a job. I have worked in offices and IT for 37 years and recently retired at the age of 55. I am hard working, reliable, honest and trustworthy, but since I'm 56 now I'm not longer viable to work in the world. I hope when these kids reach 50 that this happens to them and they choke on it. I wish I could prove age discrimination, because I would sue them and get them shut down.

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MeToo in Columbus, Ohio

31 months ago

As a 53-year-old who is also searching for administrative support work, I certaintly sympathize with your plight. It is frustrating to be competing for jobs in a highly-technical job market with people who are much younger, educated (degrees weren't required for 'secretarial' work during our generation), and more experienced with the "tools of the trade"(e.g. smartphones, tablets, PDAs, social networking, etc.) However, as hard as it might be to accept, perhaps the reason you aren't being placed isn't age discrimination. Ask yourself: Are my skills current (e.g. are you social networking savvy? do you know the latest versions of software?) Have I researched what skills employers are requiring beyond the basics like typing and data entry? Do I need to take classes to improve my skills or learn new ones? Am I preparing myself for future opportunities (i.e. the fields that are most promising)?

I didn't work for close to three years before I found my current job. I was told by an agency that while many employers to whom my resume was submitted liked me, they wouldn't consider me simply because I'd been unemployed for so long. So I changed direction: I took more entry-level work as a call center CSR. Having this job gives me the opportunity to prove myself as an employee, provides an income, and allows me to focus on improving my skills instead stressing about finding work. It isn't what I want to do forever, but it did get me back into the workforce.

I hope you find this to be encouraging (that's how it was intended. :-). And I wish you much success in your job search!

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Denise in Rochester, New Hampshire

31 months ago

Sorry, but you are totally off on this one. I've continued to work since I retired from an IT Network administrator that I held for 33 years. I am totally technology savvy and have remained in the workforce in some capacity since I retired. It's the young bucks running the show and thinking that anyone over 40 is a lost cause.

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Denise in Rochester, New Hampshire

31 months ago

Honestly, I worked with people my own age and didn't see a lot of age discrimination in the industry. It has taken me by surprise, shocked me into reality, and is so wrong on so many levels.

I'm 56, and no longer want to be in the high stress IT realm and want to return to an office job, because that's what I've always done best. I'd be an asset to any company who hires me as I'm loyal and dependable and always willing to go the extra mile to help out. It's too bad they don't know what they are missing, 'cause I've got another 10 good years left in me. You are right though, I'm lucky I had an awesome job, actually for 37 years total, and have an awesome pension to prove it. I just want to continue working! Retirement is a major adjustment, and I do not like to sit around idle. Unfortunately, a lot of the companies in my area are using agencies to screen for new positions so it doesn't leave a whole lot of options for those looking for work. I'm ready to go flip burgers at McDonald's at this point and am really angry about the way things are in this country.

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