What do you like about being AA / What do you least like about being AA?

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haha in Port Moody, British Columbia

88 months ago

Just want to know

Tina Crabtree in Pembroke, Georgia

88 months ago

I like to be an administrative assistant because I get to showcase so many of my skills; the least sometimes you are considered the lowest on the totem pole.

tina454541 in Pembroke, Georgia

88 months ago

Looking for an administrative position in the Savannah GA area, any suggestions?

Patricia in Ottawa, Ontario

86 months ago

haha in Port Moody, British Columbia said: Just want to know

I have just started working with a new boss and it is so nice because he really appreciates what I do. He is younger and I think the younger executive is used to doing a lot of their own administrative work. I think he is finding it really timesaving to be able to give it to me so he can work on the things he is supposed to do.

Being in this new position is making me realize all over again how much I enjoy being an Admin Assistant. I love organizing and making order out of chaos. It's what I'm good at.


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