What should I do in this situation? should I continue as I am and not say anything

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Penelopepittstopper in Bedford, United Kingdom

69 months ago

In February I joined an agency after having been made redundant. I then was sent for an interview at a factory for PA to Project Manager. The Project Manager interviewed me and I was given the job. I was told it would only be until October 12, the time when the project ends (new system goes live).

Upon starting this position, I became aware that it was very much just a general admin position – photocopying, typing etc, etc. There have been quite a few days when there is absolutely nothing to do and the Project Manager I work for had hinted that if I wanted to take any “unpaid” leave, I could. Needless to say I didn’t accept his offer gratefully as I was under impression I would be working full-time when I took the position. Since then I have been helping out in all different departments, doing various bits and bobs – mostly mundane stuff that no-one else wants to do like digging out invoices etc. Just recently I have hardly done any work at all for Mr M (Project Manager) and have been doing lots of work for other people. He has almost stopped asking me altogether. I do always check with him if he has anything he would like me to do and he always says “I will check” or “I am awaiting a decision on these things” and then someone else will give me something to do and he won’t come back to me. I have a couple of standard jobs I do for him, which I know to do routinely without him giving me instructions. But I feel surplus to requirements as I am asking others for work all the time and people are mentioning “is the project not busy then?”

Should I just carry on as I am doing, which is doing work for other people and him if he asks? Or should I be doing something else about this? I have applied for other jobs, but jobs are so scarce at the minute I don’t want to end up with nothing at all.

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