How do recruiting agencies work?

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rclamplighter in Olathe, Kansas

101 months ago

I'm in a spot. Have been searching for work for several months and have also been working with a recruiting agency. I know that the client "company" pays the agency fee, but how does this impact the salary I am offered?

I have asked my recruiter what the salary range is when sending me on a job interview, but he refuses to tell me the maximum the company is willing to offer.

So now, I'm close to receiving an offer, and the agency is pushing me to accept a smaller amount than what I want. If I hold out for a larger salary, does that reduce the fee the agency receives? I just don't know what to do, but don't want to get screwed! The job was listed publicly and I saw it but didn't apply on my own, only through the recruiter. I imagine if I had applied on my own, I would probably receive a higher offer, as they don't have the agency fee to pay.

I would appreciate it if anyone with real knowledge or experience could clarify this situation for me! TIA --

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Arty in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

101 months ago

Perhaps you can do research on the set of an appraisal of similar jobs and how much pay they offer.

Much regards,

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kim in Columbus, Ohio

100 months ago

I have had nothing but a sour experience with headhunting firms. It is my ubderstanding that commissions are paid based on the salary. If ther is any way you can find a postion without their so called "help" do so. They are NOT looking out for you. I would much rather receive adviceform a a "buy here, pay here" used car salesman with bad breath and no teeth!

Look out for you.... Don't let them pressure you.

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