Organization Questions During Interview

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Melissa in Albert Lea, Minnesota

100 months ago

I am nearly done earning my two-year degree as an Administrative Assistant and am looking for a job. On my last interview I fumbled on the questions they asked regarding how I keep myself organized. I don't have any experience yet in the field, so I am not sure what key words they are looking for. Any advice?

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KR in San Francisco, California

100 months ago

They are looking for words like "systems," "timelines," - things that indicate that you have an idea of how things run in an office. Even though it seems cheesey, tell them that you color code, label everything, etc. Here are some articles on organization for admins:
Also, tell them that communication in all aspects of an admin's job is key. You will be sure that your organizational methods are clear to your bosses and other people in the office. This way, even if you aren't there, they can easily find the information they need.

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Patricia in Ottawa, Ontario

99 months ago

I wrote an article called Getting Organized and Staying that Way that might help give you an idea of what they are looking for.

Another question they might ask is "How would you ensure your boss is organized"? Here is what I would say:

Some examples might be having regular meetings with your boss to go over their calendar, having a good bring-forward system, organizing your boss’s desk in a way that is suitable to both of you or setting up an efficient filing system. Keeping yourself organized will help your boss to be organized.

Many of these things you will get good at through experience, but they want to know you have knowledge about being organized.

All the best,


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