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jannie in San Antonio, Texas

71 months ago

I am trying to get into leasing agent but no luck

Sam in San Antonio, Texas

69 months ago

Jannie like you, I trying to get into leasing and I agree with you it is a hard field to get into. I heard agent say the stumbled into the job. Would someone let me stumble into the market?

Janie in San Antonio, Texas

69 months ago

its true leasing agent is the hardest job to get unless you know someone,
I am a hard worker and willing to work late weekends and still I never even get a call from apartments trying to interview me, sad

Little Flower in Mesquite, Texas

68 months ago

Janie and Sam, are you two selling yourselves? You have to look professional yet fierce! Walk in with your head held high. Be very friendly and peppy. Be interested in what is being said during the interview. Shop a bunch of communities in your spare time. Go in person PLUS call them on the phone, ask questions as if you are interested in leasing an apartment. You can learn from them, if they are good they will have you hooked. They should ask you a lot of questions, and be interested in truly helping you.
Be prepared to answer several questions;For instance how did you hear about them, when do you need to move, what is your price range, where do you work, do you have pets, how many people will be living with you. These questions are asked to better assist you in finding the perfect floorplan, and for marketing purposes.
When you step in to that office you will either be greeted or ignored. Yes, there are communities out there that have an office full of people who come to work to sit around and gossip, and when a prospective renter comes in they lie to you and say that they have nothing to show you. But then you have the ones who are genuinely there for you. If you have a great personality and build a good rapport in those 10 to 20 minutes that you are with that employee, you could mention that you are looking for a job and could even be hired with no experience. I have actually hired people who I met outside of the field just because they were friendly and were dressed to impress.
So do your homework, shop communities and check out the staff to see what they have that you are missing. And when you apply for a job make sure that the contact number you leave on the application does not go to voice mail with music or an unprofessional innapropriate message. Instead say something short like "Sorry I missed your call, Please leave your name and number and I will return your call as soon as possible, Have a great day". A good phone voice leaves a good impression.

vanessa in Kirkland, Washington

64 months ago

jannie in San Antonio, Texas said: I am trying to get into leasing agent but no luck

Check out Elite Leasing Academy - great training for someone who wishes to be a leasing star!


Darrell in San Antonio, Texas

63 months ago

Maaan!Its been two years.No luck,as a black man in san antonio i think its a double whammy.If any body can help please let me no.

Still in it in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

63 months ago

I firmly believe that the industry is full of friends hiring friends.
Sometimes though, if one has more experience than the manager or comes across as much smarter than you then you are a threat to them.
I have friends who are the business who have told me that if I applied at their property they would toss my resume, simply because I have a lot of experience and am very articulate. That is so sad.
Have you tried applying directly to the property management HR department directly? There are tons of jobs out there but you have to look for them in many ways. Call other properties and ask if they or hiring, if they say no then ask if they know of any one who is, You may get lucky. A lot of the times they will tell you to fax your resume to them just because they want to look at your resume to see if they know you or if they know anybody at the properties you have worked at previously. Look into local trade shows, that's the best place to network. Sign up with,temp agencies as a lot of companies are looking for direct hires. Call apt locator's they are in contact with properties all of the time.
Good Luck!

Pilar in Peoria, Arizona

62 months ago

Agreed this Business it is more easy to find a position if you have connections, friends or ex-co workers in this industry. I am in this industry for over 9 years working as a Property Manager.

Pilar in Peoria, Arizona

62 months ago

vanessa in Kirkland, Washington said: Check out Elite Leasing Academy - great training for someone who wishes to be a leasing star!


Hello Vanessa,

It is easy to find a job in Washington? I am looking to be relocate on Washington for family reasons.

G.Sturring in Gainesville, Florida

53 months ago

I agree that in this industry, who you know goes a long way! It is hard to get into. My background is mainly construction, trades and I also have military service. I'm one of those people had this job kinda fall into my lap..but I also worked VERY hard to put together a cover & follow up letter... had to apply twice... went through 3 interviews! and I had a good word put in for me from a manager in the company that I am on good terms with. I feel extreamly blessed for the opportinity. It seems like a good fun and secure industry (people will always need places to rent) and I would have never thought about if this opportunity didn't come my way. Also, consider that you will start from the bottom but there is lots of opportunity up top with hard work and years of experience...great pay at the top too! lol.

Darrell in San Antonio, Texas: Do not set yourself up with a defeated mentality. Dress to impress...be confidant, sell yourself! and do not give up.

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