Discrimination against children

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T in Modesto, California

58 months ago

Are we within legal boundaries if we tell a tenant that their children are no longer allowed to roam the property without an adult? This comes after a great deal of landscaping distruction has taken place. The tenant is currently in evicition but it will be a long process, in the mean time their kids are destroying everything in sight. They are under the age of 10. Any advice on how to remedy this would be much appreciated.

Charlie Wade in Bay Area, California

58 months ago

If they are already being evicted, you should run it all past your lawyer first. But if it were me, I would stop and ask myself this: is telling them that really going to get them to stop?

But let's back up. What did they tell you when you brought up the issues with their kids destroying the property? Because that is where it all must start: you MUST make your concerns/complaints known to them first.

HUDMANAGER in Sacramento, California

56 months ago

You cannot bring up children. YOu can once you have gone to court charge them for damages. During an eviction you cannot harrass even though they are destroying the proeprty. YOu could call CPS to report neglect on the parents part, but I would not divuldge who you are. Sounds to me like the parents don't really care about their childrens destructive behavior, which most likely is because the paretns are too busy being selfish.........I have seen this time and time again.
Unfortunately, you cannot tell the parents they have to supervise their children; FAir housing would have a field day with you.

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