What do you think? (7 vacancies out of 36 units -- Is this a good offer??)

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KC in Pacoima, California

47 months ago

This is my first time working as an apartment manager. Your insights would be appreciated.

Here are the basic conditions:

* Free Rent (2 Beds)
* $450/month
* $50/each lease signed
* $100/month if all 36 units are full (in addition to $450/month)

Q1. Is this a good offer?
Q2. What are possible negotiation tips to get a better deal?


CUNFUCIUS I AM in Alameda, California

46 months ago

sounds good to me. i like the bonus incentives 50 for each lease 100 for a full house. need more info for additional tips on negotioations, but you should find out who will do the painting and if this is extra for you... what else are you expected to do? or does the owner have a plumber, handyman, cleaners...? how is all this taken care of...? if the building is in good condition you should be able to handle 36 and still have time for a part-time job possible full-time. would that be ok with the owner? i could not live off of 450 a month.

Bill Simonet in Rochester, Minnesota

46 months ago

I am an apartment caretaker totally befuddled as to the term "1 home days." Any ideas as to its meaning?

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