How to Manage unruly kids?

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Terri in Modesto, California

95 months ago

With the onset of Spring our kids and kids from other apartment complexes in our area all seem to want to be on our grounds because we have a large grassy area in front of our complex. Our kids are pretty respectful of our rules and try their best to be quiet and not destroy the landscaping and the sprinkler system. But when the kids from the surrounding area come to play all mayhem breaks loose. They come in here with bikes and skateboards, increase the noise levels, leave their soda cans and candy wrappers and just tear the place up. My husband and I like kids and we try very hard to win them over so they respect us, but for the most part that doesnt work with certain age groups. The tweens are killin us and showing no respect. We dont know where these kids live, we try to shoo them off, but they are just disrespectful and talk back. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to maintain the situation? All advice will be greatly appreciated!

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95 months ago

HI......sorry to say I am in the same boat and have been for over 11 years now. The kids esp the younger teens have driven me to insanity lol.
I would love to hear any suggestions also. I manage a condo property with certain rules and a curfew that starts at dark. I hear the rules in California are not as harsh as mine are lol. I am very interested in finding the solution as all I have done has not worked yet. Thank you and good luck to you too.

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95 months ago

It is such a dilema, I hate it! The parents want to make us be the authoritarians I'm afraid. I'm fixing to write out a general note to give to all my tenants that have kids that play outside and warning them THEY are responsible for their kids guests. The police really don't do anything, I'm not one to call the cops anyway, I'm sure they hate being called out to apartment complexes to control unruly children. Maybe if the parents mention to their kids to tell their little friends not to bring their bikes and skateboards on to the grounds or the parents will be written up and asked to move, it could help. But, there again, the parents will make the MANAGERS out to be the ENEMY. I wish that could be avoided. If I evicted 2 families here, my problems would be temporarily solved... heheh.

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LTW in Berkeley, California

92 months ago

Unruly Kids,
Neighbor Hood Watch
Peer Pressure, Good Kids to set the example around?
Photographs of situation by a third party ( remain in tandum throughout the
process whatever you decide ).
Good Luck,
An Old Pro.

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90 months ago

I think we all go thru the same problems, some worse that others.
We started a program that we did called "Freeze Pop Friday". On Friday's the kids came in our office to get their freeze pop and that allowed us to get to know each child and put a name with a face. The freeze pops are cheap and you can start to get a rapport with the children. If they cause problems then they loose the freeze pop for the week. You start out small on the reward program.I think everyone knows that the children are bored and starving for attention. Once you get to know the children you can identify which ones need more attention. Those children, I would have them do small jobs for us such as staple flyers together, stuff our newsletters, etc. You teach them manners and how to act when their in your office area. You reward them with your attention and something small that they will enjoy. We had a property that was next to ours and we let them join in as well. We eventually became the cool property and with the cool manager. All the kids knew us by name and we knew all of them by name as well. In a way, we as managers become a second parent to our children at and around our community.

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90 months ago

I am THE AUTHORITY on bad kids lol. I am a property manager on the same property for 12 years now and I have seen the best kids to the worst kids. I just had a young lady who is now 18 who grew up here to get her first rental property here. Guess what? her boyfriend is "supposedly" a drug dealer. She and I have discussed this now and I am awaiting to see what else might transpire with the situation since her unit is on the back side and not visible except to those on that side.

I believe you must treat all kids with respect and caring. I like the kids but honest injun in me says I like only the good kids. I have a reputation here and not sure if it all good lol. I suggest you send a letter to each parent and give them a warning, then a final if their kids continue to be disruptive. One of the biggest challenges has been kids company. Who they hang out with lets you know basically how they think. Trust me as I have dealt with kids this entire time. Also, just to mention.....I have none of my own!

good luck my friend.

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90 months ago

My husband is the authoritarian around here as far as the kids go. It's such a blended deal trying to get them to be compliant. He is always helping put chains back on bikes, with the promise that they won't ride on the property, and getting his ladder out to retrieve a rogue toy off of the roof of one of the buildings. We turn on the sprinklers and let them run wild for an hour (which the parents really appreciate since we don't have a pool on the property). We survived this summer with only having the fire alarms pulled once, as compared to last year where it was pulled maybe 5 times. I do believe the longer you are on your property the easier it all becomes. Most of our kids don't have dads so we both pick up the slack on that, the kids just want someone to talk to that will listen to them. We are pretty verbal around here and writing people up is not our favorite thing to do. Doesn't take very long before the tenant's finally "get that" and have become very appreciative of our management abilities. Lot's of thank you cards hang in our office. There will always be one or two (the teenagers) that you just can't seem to touch no matter what tactics you use. It is a fulfilling job tho, but you do have to like people in order to tolerate it. We manage govt subsidized apartments, it's a very different world compared to conventional. Dealing with the fatherless kids and the mentally disabled is a daily challenge. Every morning before we leave our apartment to head to the office we always say "I wonder what's instore for us today?" And every day is differnt. Some days we sit out front of the office, sigh, and say "Boy this is a boring job..."---But tomorrow will bring something new every time!

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90 months ago

I agree. This morning prior to writing this, I went to the bus stop where the elementary kids were waiting. I talked to each little group and hugged a few. I believe it does take a village to raise a child. I think anyone who was out there could tell I like the kids. I just do not want them to tear the place up. This is a home for all concerned. Everyone needs the rules to apply to them including myself since I live here too. No hubby to handle things but I do have a great maint guy who will do whatever I ask of him and be very helpful when it comes to the kids. I feel I have a good community filled with lots of love in most regards.

I am just a stickler for being considerate to your neighbors!!

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Mrs. A in Pomona, California

85 months ago

Well, I have been patient for two years, those kids who are now in their teens know what they can get away with. They sit right outside my home and are loud and leave trash all over. It is usually when the friends come over that they over do it. My biggest problem is that they hang out where they don't even live. Why can't they just stay in their home, or go to their buddies home. They are almost waiting to provoke or instigate somebody. Their parents are never home and the kids live out on the streets. It makes my neighborhood look bad, cause all they do is hang out. they are not bikeriding or skateboarding, they just sit and talk and give mean looks to all the passing cars or pedestrians

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awtoys in Chisinau, Moldova

85 months ago

thank U....very interesting information !!!

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badinlakemama in New London, North Carolina

81 months ago

my son lives in a neighborhood that two families let their teenagers do what they want and destroy what they want. the police do nothing because they are minors. they have even molested a small child in the neighborhood and because the parents are afraid of them they just say nothing. this is why people take matters into their own hands because the laws protects these brats!!!

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hollywoodlandlord in Los Angeles, California

80 months ago

No one has really given you much input with regards to your situation.

Obviously, it is no fun to be the 'bad guy', but it doesn't seem like you are really winning their respect by being nice. Someone needs to step up and be the 'bad cop' and lay out the ground rules. I am not sure what the terms of your lease agreements are, but you might consider applying a clause to all future leases that excludes the ability to play in certain areas and/or having their friends over after a certain time of day.

In my building, it clearly states that all tenants are responsible for the behavior of their friends and guests. You could make it clear that this includes children that are in your building. Let the parents know that you are implementing these new rules and if you have a rental office, you could even say that any guests that are under a certain age have to sign in with you as a guest of the tenant's children.... that they have to be present when they sign in and out. This way it gives the children a bit more responsibility over who they let in and let leave garbage lying around your building.

Give it a whirl!

Stirling Gardner
(aka Hollywood Landlord)

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Polarbear in Westbrook, Maine

72 months ago

Simple statements of support work when you use them consistently.

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HUDMANAGER in Sacramento, California

64 months ago

If they are coming to visit friends, charge the parents of your property for littering and causing damage and lease violate for quiet environment. Just because the city ordinance says 10 pm is quiet time; does not mean you can't lease violate at 3 in the afternnon. The residents have the right to quiet environment 24/7 and when '"excessive" noise level occurs the lease has been breached.

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Apartment Manager in Encinitas, California

49 months ago

Be careful addressing any letter to only the parents of kids. You need to address it to all tenants! Singling out kids could land you in a Fair housing lawsuit.

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