Architorture...Love it or Hate it

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PIRULODR in Bronx, New York

82 months ago

Architecture right now is in shambles, I'm sorry if this sounds biased but everything up to IDP is designed to screw the young Architect. Finished my masters in Architecture from an NCARB acredited school (if it means anything) and I still cant find a job, not even drafting. The few positions that are available (If you can find one) pay so little that you can make more working at a retail store with no degree or type of education(Yes it's true I verified it). So what are we supposed to do? Maybe Architecture is in fact the profession of gentlemen (Wealthy pricks) that can afford to work for free, sorry I mean Intern. This is Illegal under the fair labor act. Some of these so called Internships require you to sign contracts requiring you to work 40 hrs a week with no compensation (This is displacing the earning work force) and yet the AIA stands by and does nothing to sanction these practices who by the way love sites like Craigslist. The AIA, IDP and NCARB are nothing but a joke. I say the whole system is FLAWED and needs to be changed.

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anabella ruiz in Phoenix, Arizona

81 months ago


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anabella ruiz in Phoenix, Arizona

81 months ago

well hey atleast you know some ppl do have jobs

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Keifer in Mccomb, Mississippi

80 months ago

First, I hope that you didn't go into the profession of architecture for money. If you did, your professors should have advised you to change your major without delay! I agree that we are the most abused group of highly dedicated and gifted people that have been blessed with the heart-felt desire to make the world a better place... by both our employers and the general public. Do you think that a doctor's patient or lawyer's client feel that their professional advise is not needed and worth paying for when they are sick or being sued. The truth is that in those instances, any professional cost is agreeable and warranted. The general public think architects as an additional cost to their endeavors that can be avoided.... and guess what... most contractors will advise them that they are totally correct in their erroneous thinking. An architect receives a 6% fee for his education, vision, construction documents, construction administration, and hard work... not to mention liability. A real estate agent receives the same or greater fee for showing the property to prospective buyers and negating the sale. UNFAIR... without a doubt... but welcome to reality. I received my professional degree over 20 years ago and it was the same then and I don't believe that it is going to get any better. YOU have to LOVE what you are called to do with the knowledge that you will almost NEVER be acknowledge for what you do or justly compensated financially at the level of other profession. You are also facing the worst time to be entering the job market in 20 years. If you are an architect... my advise is to hang in there and do what you have to do so you can practice your art! If you are someone who happens to have a degree in architecture, you may want consider and additional associates degree in some type of medical tech. field. You will make more money and have much greater job security in bad economic times.

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