finishing architecture school and very worried

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PIRULODR in Bronx, New York

66 months ago

It sucks, I know. I'm in the same boat as you. Finished grad school in september and have not been able to find anything. The job market is rough, I even have work experience, 2 yrs and nothing. Most people I know in the field are looking for work because they've been laid off or what not. If I was you I'd go to grad school and bang it out, hopefully things will be better by the time you're done. For kicks check out this website

Broke Architect in Norfolk, Virginia

58 months ago

Well, Im in that boat with all you guys as well. I have a 5-year degree in Architecture and a 4-year degree in Civil Engineering, with a Minor in CM. I was laidoff in 2008 and looking to get into nursing my self. It doesnt look like its geting any better. I also deffaulted on my student loans. So, use some of that energy to stay in school for nursing, dude! Good luck bro!

EMG in Westwood, New Jersey

57 months ago

I am in the same boat, I have 10+ yrs of arch. experience and out of job for almost 2 years in NJ. I feel very hopeless and seriously considering a career change. I also learned that the medical field is the way to go. As it is one the the few fields that always in high demand, and will survive any economy (there will always be sick people regardless).

Another conern is my age. I am already in my late 30's with family/kids commitments. By the time I am done with any medical related certificate/Assoc. program, I don't know if I could compete with the younger folks for the jobs.

Good luck to you all.

de in Houston, Texas

56 months ago

I'm 50 with a license and a lot of solid experience. I was let go April 2009 and have not found employment in the industry since. My last interview was August 2009.

I guess if I knew back in 1985 that the only jobs with security would be in health care I would have made different career choices. But maybe not? It would be nice to find work in what I trained to do.

de in Houston, Texas

56 months ago

Just_Radiant in Mount Prospect, Illinois said: I'm a fifth yr student about to graduate and get a prof. bs in architecture. I did have a chance to graduate last summer but I chose to delay it for the next due to not finding any job. I feel too burned out to jump into grad school right now. I have been looking for an intern architect job or anything in the field since feb 08. Now I am months away from graduation and don't know what I will do. There are even jobs that I am more than capable for like admin, secretary that I apply to and I get denied because I don't have experience or that I have a degree. I must have applied to hundreds of positions in the past 1-1/2 yrs and either I hear from no one or when I do its just an automated response informing me they are not hiring at this time. It feels like you have to know the right people to get anything because applying to online databases feels like a lottery. I am not lucky to know people or have connections. Now I have come to the point where I am considering other fields to make ends meet because it feels like I will never land a job in the field I love. All I have to show for now is 5 yrs of coursework and over 100k in student loans. Currently I am working a dept. clothing store making $9/hr.

PLEASE if there is anyone with any advice or any jobs out there please let me know!

The obvious, what is the faculty saying? Are they any help?

petergriffin in Houston, Texas

56 months ago

If you have CAD experience you can always try and get a drafting job in the mechanical or oil/gas industry. There are a lot of mechanical/industrial drafting positions related to the oil/gas, offshore drilling industries so you might give that a go until the architecture field rebounds, if it ever does. My passion is in design/architecture too, but I still have to eat!

Spectrum in Washington, Missouri

56 months ago

petergriffin in Houston, Texas said: If you have CAD experience you can always try and get a drafting job in the mechanical or oil/gas industry.

All construction/engineering fields are taking a hit right now, but I would have to agree that going industrial is the way to go. The swing in business isn't as drastic as well. The Archy's that I know are either working 16 hr days or laid off. If you like architecture, do it freelance if you can get the work. However, getting licensed is another story.

jasonb_23 in Louisville, Kentucky

47 months ago

Similar to the original posting and other comments, I too am an recent architecture graduate with a minor in philosophy seeking a job. I have applied for numerous internship position across the US and haven't received a word. Despite the objective content of the academic study of architecture, problem solving and creativity are key components to architecture. Therefore, you could try product design and try and market "something" on the open markets. You could try an unconventional approach of marketing yourself as just a generic designer or if you want to be more specific a residential designer, since a license isn't needed to do residential work.

Anyways I wish you the best of luck in finding a job.

rex in Houston, Texas

47 months ago

I see some limited hiring at architecture offices but not enough if you think of the number of qualified applicants. Internships from graduation are best handled through school. Some schols are a lot, lot better at setting up a graduate's job. It's hard right now. Best of luck to everyone searching.

Jeff in Halifax, Nova Scotia

41 months ago


I am looking to contract people's services, via online, to do architectural hardware, frames, and door takeoffs. Quantity takeoffs are fine and as you get more comfortable with the takeoffs maybe we could look at pricing the jobs for us as well. My e-mail is

We could give you two - three jobs a week to take off.

LuckyRichChicagoArchitect in Hazel Crest, Illinois

40 months ago

Architect Degree (5 0r 6 Years) $250,000
IDP (Experience Through Internships) (3 to 10 years) $350
ARE (Architect Registration Examination) (1 to 3years) $3,000
Pain/Suffering/ Tools, Equipment $46,650

Total Cost to become a Licensed Architect $300,0000

Intern Architect Salary ($10,000 to $30,000) (0-5 years)
Junior Architect Salary ($30,000 to $50,000) (5-10 years)
Intermidiate Architect Salary ($50,000 to $70,000) (10-15 years)
Senior Architect Salary ($50,000 to $70,000) (15-20 years)

Reward/Pride/Joy/Ego of been Licensed Architect Priceless.

8yrs exp, looking for work in Denver, Colorado

39 months ago

Best advice,
Know Revit.

Network. Contact fellow students that are working, Teachers that like you, Anyone that knows anyone in the industry. In rough times jobs are offered almost exclusively on a referral basis.

It is going to be very hard to find something available in the spring ahead of time. You're more likely to find that with a very large firm that has intern programs that specifically hire like that. Most do not.

Tarhkims in Douala, Cameroon

29 months ago

Hello I am Tarh from Cameroon. Have my own job agency and

looking for an architect to match to a construction company

based in Afghanistan. They do jobs with the US military and

have a recent contract at hand. Other positions required are

plumber, electrician and secretary(Female). Salary can be

negotiated. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tarh Kima Mbianyor

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