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demilieu in Houston, Texas

81 months ago

hi-i'm wondering what the job market is out there for recent grads in architecture-with a typical professional degree, no master's. it's pretty slow in most parts of the country right now, unlike the 1980's recession that spared california and the northeast. there is some activity in medical and schools...both specialized areas. every time there's a recession, architecture and construction take the deepest hits.

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bucho buscando in Spring Valley, California

80 months ago

Yes demilieu, architecture and construction is in a serious low right now. I graduated last year with a Bachelor of Architecture, and have had nothing but negative replies (literally, they simply _don't_ reply to inquiries. What good is a secretary?) or the standard "sorry, we're not hiring right now" (even though some websites state to the contrary. Update people, update. Sorry for my own negativity, but it's hard not to be, especially when I am over $100k in the hole, and I know I am not alone. Check for a good special about student loan debts. I wish there was a forum to tell people to stay away from architecture schools right now, at least until the "economy recovers." Save your money, go into engineering or healthcare. Best of luck with your endeavors.

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demilieu in Houston, Texas

80 months ago


well yeah it's a bad situation now for the profession. i already have a license and, i'm wondering what field a 49 y.o. guy could possibly train into...that wouldn't take a long time in school?

during the recession of the 1980's the situation was better in california and the northeast. now, it's bad all over from what i've heard. my friend in california who worked at richard meiers' los angeles office for 20 years was laid off back in febrary '09.

a few years ago a lot of people were getting real estate & mortgage broker licenses. well, we know now what that was about.

at the end of the day, people will need new buildings to live, work and do business in. so, it's a matter of waiting things out which isn't easy- especially when you have a lot of financial obligations that require a good paying job. in my area, there aren't many jobs that don't require a college degree and work experience outside of my field.

so, i guess i need to be creative.

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demilieu in Houston, Texas

65 months ago

15 months later...still here in the same boat, only 15 months older and more broke.

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hakuna.matata in Belmont, California

62 months ago


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Haystack in Omaha, Nebraska

61 months ago

Contact your old professors. It's how I got a landscape architecture job after a year of searching. He knew a firm owner that was looking...Needless to say, I bought my professor the finest bottle of whiskey I could find for that favor.

Or search in college towns, state capitals, or in the Midwest in general (with the exception of Illinois and Michigan). These places haven't seen the the total collapse of their economies. Omaha only has 4% unemployment and the state is third lowest in the nation for the unemployed right now. Trust me I didn't want to end up here, but here I am...thankful to be employed.

Also consider doing an internship with a federal agency. I worked for the National Park Service while I was searching. It lasted only three months, but it got me needed experience and probably the best job I'll ever have. Check out

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