I cant get a job as an intern...

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Samantha in Upland, California

83 months ago

I have applied to many firms throughout LA and its already been 2 weeks and I have not received any call backs. I graduated 1 month ago. Why do you think I am not getting any call backs, I am sending a cover letter, resume and sample work of my thesis project. Someone help I need a job.

gg77 in Sherman Oaks, California

78 months ago

I hope things worked out with you landing a job.

I was just wondering on how you showcased your thesis with your sample work that you sent to firms. I'm asking because I have completed my dissertation recently and I'm trying to use it to get me a job in the mobile phone industry (the subject of the thesis related to this industry)

Thanks in advance

DLA in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

72 months ago

most larger firms requires longer decision making periods, and so 2 weeks might not be long enough. Most new grads post their portfolio online.

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