teaching assistants in nyc

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jean in Mount Vernon, New York

67 months ago

I'm thinking of becoming a teaching assistant in nyc. Are there any jobs currently available in nyc?

Robert in Oakdale, New York

57 months ago

Be careful with NYC BOARD OF EDUCATION.Because of Bloomberg they are very anti-teacher (assistant)They have a habit of treating people very poorly.That is why they typically always need staff.At least do some research on the school you are going to before you take the job.

Kitty in Brooklyn, New York

47 months ago

Yes, there are jobs available within private agency working as teacher assistant. The pay is low compared to the Board of Education.

Kitty in Brooklyn, New York

47 months ago

yes, there are job available if your willing to work for private agency. The pay may be low, but its better than working with the Board of Education and your job would be secure.

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