Looking for advice/ tactical guidance on how to change careers from management to engineering? Is cad a good way 2 do so?

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hajabar in Nashville, Tennessee

110 months ago

I am looking to change careers from management to engineering. I am 30, have a B.S. in business. I am hoping to learn computer aided design as a way to get my foot in the door somewhere? Do u think this is a good way to do so? Also, what would be the best software to learn? Auto desk and Solidworks have certifications as well as my junior college...would these be of use?

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Mike in Saint Clair, Missouri

109 months ago

In my honest opinion, I am afraid CAD without being an engineer or have a 4 year degree will not be an option, with today's job market. Employers have their choice of the "cream of the crop" when it comes to potential employees. In most cases that I have seen, the engineers will do their own drawings. Not to mention there are many of them out of work as well. Many of them are well versed in most of the major CAD software programs. Then you have the case like me where as you would be starting out and I have 15+ years using most of the new CAD software packages.

In my opinion, if you want to back to school get your M.B.A. There are many jobs opening with people with a masters degree and experience.

In answer to your original question, different companies use different software, usually depending on the size. Larger companies usually use 3D solid-modeling packages such as Autodesk Inventor 2008,2009 Pro-Engineer, Microstation and Solidworks. Smaller ones may use only 2D packages Mechanical Desktop Autodesk 2009.

Hope this helps and Good luck in your decision.


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Lrich82 in Old Hickory, Tennessee

100 months ago

I used computer aided Design to get my foot in the door. I recieved my asscoiates degree in CADDT and my Bach. in Industrial Design. With my CADDT degree I was able to get a entry level position at MEP Consulting Engineering firm. I started out Basically do mark-ups or as some call them redlines. The pay wasn't great but it was a start. Now being at the frim 4.5 years, I'm able to design on projects from start to finish will minimal supervision from the engineers. I believe if you have the drive to work hard and learn your craft well, starting out with just a CAD degree could take you far. I'll be honest, its was difficult for me to land my first job. It took about a year and a half before I was hired. If think you would be happy working in the CAD field as a career I would say go for it. After working the field almost 5 years I'm glad I did. I went from being a Cad drafter to a HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection Designer. Good Luck Sir.

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