Difference between Business Analyst & Project Manager?

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Anil in Brampton, Ontario

22 months ago

Mia Lebel in Queens, New York said: Honestly, I find not much difference between these two titles. In a mid size company, I think one person manages both these roles.
Could someone enlighten me the difference between these two jobs?
Thanks in Advance!

There is lot of Difference between Business Analyst & Project Manager

Project Manager : Responsible for Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling & Closing of the project.

Business Analyst : Is the SME for the Application to be developed. BA is the liason between the developers & SME/ Business .

PM hires BA
During the closing phase the PM releases the BA.

Reporting :
PM reports to Management / PMO office
BA reports to BA team lead / PM

role :
PM is very big role he has to oversee all the aspects of projects Viz ., Cost, schedule, scope Management along with Quality, HR, Risk & procurement areas .

a BA role is limited when compared to PM .

PM has better things to do than doing BA's role.

Hope this clarifies your doubts to a certain extent.


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Nina in Victoria, British Columbia

13 months ago

BA is detail oriented

PM is a BIG PICTURE resource

Both roles are important in their own way. But for one brain to be detail oriented and High Level is a bit difficult unless you are a super-human.

I am talking about big projects. I have worked on small projects where one person can do everything.

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Roccomadsen in Jacksonville, Florida

9 months ago

To look after each and every project involved in the business is the role of business analyst and to look after the particular project is the role of the project manager. This is the big difference between these two.
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Charles Waltair in Singapore, Singapore

8 months ago

technically speaking
in big organizations and big projects
PM is on top of BA
BA reports to PM
Project Manager is like any other project manager

in small project and companies PM & BA can be the same

in startups PM, BA, Tester can be the same. or some time... developer too...

on instructions of the PM, BA goes and collects the requirements and then talks to the developers and after tests the code and works with testers and then works with the client and reports back to PM

this is an ideal job everyone looks for and love to work...
as its going to be a good non-programming job in IT industry.........

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