How to start freelance CAD drafting?

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cadgirl in Taunton, Massachusetts

30 months ago

Believe it or not my favorite thing to do as a kid was to draw out floor plans. I have notebooks full of residential floor plans from when I was very young. When I got older I loved playing with CAD software, but for some reason, I went into Software Engineering instead. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and I'm almost finished with a M.S. in Software Engineering (company paid for it). I've been an unhappy software engineer for the past few years. I took career tests in high school which led me to become a software engineer but I truly think they were incorrect in directing me to this career.

So, I was hoping that I could start doing freelance CAD drafting on the side. I don't have any professional experience but I have used AutoCAD quite a bit in my spare time. Could anyone give me some guidance on how to start freelancing? Do I need to go back to school and get a certificate/license or anything? I live in Massachusetts by the way.

Thanks you in advance :)

cadgirl in Taunton, Massachusetts

30 months ago


mabarnes59 in Norfolk, Virginia

28 months ago

I would really recommend going back to school to atleast get a certificate. It would be like me trying to get sidework as a Software Engineer. . . No expereince = no work.


17 months ago

No need for a certificate, go on any freelance site, create you profile and start working. Work on low rates to get projects easily and after you gain experience start charging.

Indie_One in Wichita, Kansas

17 months ago

I wouldn't recommend just drafting. It's not lucrative. Work is scarce ever since the construction industry went downhill with the recession. Architects are less likely to hire anyone who isn't an architect or architect intern. Furthermore, I'm under the impression that freelance drafting is something that never really thrived. It's not a common practice. It never was and probably never will be. Freelancing is a nice thought, though. Have you heard of the website "Tiny House Blog"? If anything, why not become a designer/builder? Start a business. As far as I know, structures of this nature don't require the seal of approval from an architect.

JesikaT in Orlando, Florida

16 months ago

Nick in Coal City, Illinois

2 months ago

lowball your pay rate in order to get jobs initially, then gradually raise it as you gain experience and notoriety. at first, work for peanuts, then gradually become a 'pro'.

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