What are the best cad technician qualifications and training to get ahead?

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What is the best training for becoming a cad technician? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective cad technician?

What do non-traditional career paths look like?

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Jibran Mahmood in Winchester, United Kingdom

112 months ago

What does a cad technican actually do ?

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Brannon in Medford, Oregon

98 months ago

A CAD technician is a highly skilled technican that solves problems that occur everyday with the design software. When the software either breaks, has flaws, or engineers have difficult technical questions the CAD technician is the one that gets the software working correcty and those questions answered so that engineers can continue the design production. The information expected to know for this career path go from having knowlege in the CAD world about the common features between all the different CAD packages and being able to break down the software guts through windows to know what files control parts of the programs. This career is a fast pace career that is constantly being update and the learning never stops. At least this is how my career is turning out and this is just a fraction of stuff i deal with every day.

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Jean in Grand Rapids, Michigan

98 months ago

A CAD Tech is someone who uses a design software (Autocad, Revit, Microstation, ProE, etc) under the supervision of an Engineer or Architect or designer to create construction drawings. Everything from buildings, bridges & roads sewers, mechanicals to tool & die designs and wood working for 3D CAD/CAM

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Dan in Midland, Michigan

96 months ago

The way I became a Cad tech was to take a cad course and then I worked temporary contract positions and learned as much as I could about that position. I also made it a point to learn something new everyday about the software I was using. Over the years I built up quite a resume of experience and was qualified for any position available. I need the variety or I get bored and press myself to constantly learn. I have worked at companies thru contracting that I wouldn't have had a chance at.

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Eddie Reize in Lawrenceville, Georgia

67 months ago

Jean in Grand Rapids, Michigan response was right on. Although I'll add if you want to be an effective CAD Tech in a major Bridge Design company you'll need more than software knowledge. At least two years college in Construction or Civil technology.

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JPL in Malden, Massachusetts

2 months ago

I'm not to sure about qualifications but if you're certified in autocad, that should open most doors for you as a CAD Tech or any other drafting job titles. I myself studied architectural CAD. My first CAD jobs of all things was in the telecommunications industry. You would think you would need some electrical experience for something like that but no.

Having experience in the industry is always a plus if not a must have and you should keep yourself current with the latest autocad softwares.

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