What kinds of jobs can I get with an associate of applied science degree in C.A.D.?

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71 months ago

I wondering what kind of areas I could look into working with CAD I know there are a lot but if someone could suggest a website that has a list of different carreers in CAD that would be very helpful.

mmaye@email.itt-tech.edu in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

57 months ago

use dice.com/techjobs, cadtalent.com, indeed.com.

Spectrum in Washington, Missouri

57 months ago

There are "NOT" alot of for CAD techs right now. If you are in the U.S., you should be willing to relocate often for a job because they are few and far between. And all companies have their favorite software that they use, and don't even want to consider you for a job unless you have 2 to 4 years of experience using it. My advice if you wish to use CAD become an engineer or become a CAD developer.

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