Advice on Getting a Civil Engineering Job

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GTL23 in Miami, Florida

70 months ago

I guess keep your head up, The FE is weird, companies ask for it, but all my interviews have never asked me about it, but almost all asked me if i was getting my masters. I did not pass the FE, after scoring 75% in some areas and it was below average.

I would get a degree in electrical engineering, all my friends have jobs, as for civil friends, only 3 out of 50, and all three knew somebody.

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Keith in Kansas City, Missouri

55 months ago

Are there really any jobs available for civil engineers? All these news articles keep touting civil engineering as the next best thing through 2020, but the job pickings are still slim to none. This industry hit an absolute bottom in 2008/2009, but it doesn't seem to have improved much since then. Job postings aren't much better than they were 2-3 years ago, and we're supposed to be in a recovery now. So what's still holding this industry back? Where are all the yearly engineering graduates finding jobs, or all the older and more experienced civil engineers that were laid off during the recession? And who is actually hiring entry to mid level engineers? It seems like the majority of job postings are for exceptionally experienced people out there whom almost certainly have jobs because of the ridiciously high credentials required that are listed on every opening. Does this mean most civil engineering companies are simply trying to steal workers away from their competition, since they clearly don't want to train any potential candidates? I know quite a few software, electrical, petroleum, and mechanical engineers, and they all seem to be doing very well at the moment. But I can't say the same thing about anyone in civil engineering. When does anyone on here truly believe that this industry will return to full health? Just based on the comments here, and looking at job advertisements nationally, civil engineering would still appear in the duldrums. What are everyone else's thoughts?

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