Have a BSCE degreen I received 14 years ago. Any chance I can get an entry level postiion?

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SP in Colorado

100 months ago

I have BSCE degree I received 14 years ago. After graduating I found it difficult to find a job. I ended up in IT since at that time they were hiring anyone with the slightest programming experience. I've been doing hardware testing for HP for several years. Now I think I am about to lose my job. I want to start over again. I'm sick of IT. I want to use my Civil Engineering degree. What do you think my chances are of getting a CE job vs. a recent graduate? I have lots of experience and some of it is relavent but it's been 14 years since I graduated. Am I "damaged goods"? Thanks for your help.

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e2thex in Mesa, Arizona

99 months ago

If you never got your EIT certification, I would recommend doing that as a first step. Passing the FE Exam will at least provide proof that you haven't lost everything you learned 14 years ago. That being said, the FE exam will be pretty tough if you haven't been exposed to the material in such a long time. A study/review course would probably help alot.

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97 months ago

I think you're damaged goods. CE has become so much about knowing the latest software and less about any technical knowledge you have. You can know the CBC from cover to cover and all interviewers ask if you know RIVIT.
Some things, like surveying, are almost 100% changed from 14 years ago because the instermentation is totally changed (GPS and total stations vs tranists and chains)
Having passed the EIT or PE exam is almost worthless if you don't have they typical 10 exp.
Entry level jobs have gone mostly to internships and you need to be in college to even be considered.

good luck, but major changes over the last 14 years don't give you much hope.

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terry in Scottsdale, Arizona

96 months ago

Yes, you can find a job, but you'll probably need your EIT. Sign up for a study course if you need to. The other suggestion is to get an internship enroll in 1 (or more, but at least 1) master's course in the area you're interested in - then you're technically a student & most employers will assume you're a recent graduate with your undergrad degree (just don't put the date of graduation on your resume - but DO put the date of your master's coursework on the resume although, actually, as long as you're currently enrolled, most employers won't care if you got your degree in the 90's since they'll assume you're fresh (and you WILL be) since you're in school. BTW, you don't have to be accepted into the master's program to take a course - at most schools - most will let you take up to 9 credit hours as a "student at large" or some such title. You can always apply to grad school later if you decide you like it. Also, there are some graduate level courses offered at night or online, so it shouldn't interfere with a full time job. The other thing is: if you decide to finish your master's degree, most employers will pay for a good chunk of it.

Good luck!

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