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What are typical clinical research associate salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

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Anon in San Diego, California

121 months ago

Pharmanet in San Diego is low payer. they start CRA 1's at $45 or 47. It seems to depend on whether you have a master's degree or not. This is why I left months ago. the pay raises are standardized and below 5%----no kidding. Slap in the face.

What do other CRO's pay for CRA 1 and CRA 2?

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Emma in Stamford, Connecticut

121 months ago

Indeed has a new Salary Search that allows you to type in keywords and see what the average salaries are. For example, here a search for Clinical Research Associate which shows the average salary at $61K:

It also offers average salaries for related job titles. For a senior level posisiton the average salary is showing up at around $87K

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Stacy in Nassau, New York

108 months ago

They will pay 90,000 for a regional CRA!

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unemployed in Old Bridge, New Jersey

48 months ago

hi everyone - I am getting an interveiw at Pharmanet in NJ and I had a few questions - they want to pay me 28,000 with benefits which is too too low for me because I am a recent grad. I understand that I am trying to get my breakthrough in the industry but i have over 100,000 in loans. How can I get them to increase the price? Should I even take the job? Should I mention something in the interview?

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Mather in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

48 months ago


Can you please clarify:
1. What is the position title?
2. Have you had any research jobs or internships from college?
3. What type of work history from ages 16-20-something while you were in school?
4. Due to your writing, it appears like English is your second language- do you require visas/sponsorship from the company?

$28k seems like a normal paycheck for and entry-level applicant to a pharma office, but it is NOT a salary of an entry level CRA. Typically CRAs start off with several years of previous clinical research work experience at $45k.

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