Need SOCRA certification advice

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Dan in Indianapolis, Indiana

64 months ago

I wanted advice on how to best prepare for the SOCRA CRA certification exam. I was planning on taking it in September which gives me two months of study , however, I am not sure it is enough time. I started looking over the study guide provided by SOCRA and I am not sure if I need to memorize every number listed in each section of 21CRF. I guess I would like to know how much detail I should pay attention to while studying. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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Karl in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

64 months ago

Hey Dan,

I took ACRP's certification exam (which I personally think is a little bit more recognized in the for-profit industry, while CCRP is a little better in university settings) and I got through it painlessly. It's pretty easy when you've been a good worker for a few years.

You do NOT need to memorize each number. You should know the basics like 21CRF50 covers informed consent while 21CRF812 covers device, but you won't need to know the exact citation.

Don't concentrate on memorizing the regulations, you need to know how the regulations translate into PRACTICE. When you read the regulation, stop and think, "Okay, this regulations says that I need to do X... HOW do I make sure my site can prove it is compliant in the real world?"

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Ernie S. in Lafayette, California

25 months ago

I took the SOCRA CCRP exam in Sep 2013. Although memorizing the FDA regulations and ICH GCP is not necessary, it helps to know general principles and some key facts, which will be on the exam. I have compiled the notes that I used when I took the test into a study guide. Please see

Ernie S.

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