trainee clinical research associate jobs in south africa

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mirandanel in Johannesburg, South Africa

94 months ago

I'm sincerely interested in becoming a CRA but i do not have any experience except for theoretical knowledge gained while studying Pharmaceutical Science. i've been sending my cv to recruiters but with no luck.can someone out the help find my dream job

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kif in Oldham, United Kingdom

93 months ago

time is difficult, never loose hope

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Olebogeng in Johannesburg, South Africa

66 months ago

i am sincerely interested in becoming a CRA. I have experience in clinical research.

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sati in New York, New York

63 months ago

hello i have some lab experience from school and a BS degree. how can i get a position with this company?
thank you

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Karl in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

63 months ago

Hi Sati,

I'd be very cautious about getting involved with a company that asks you to pay for training, specifically targets people hoping to get a visa or says that they hire people for clinical research associate jobs who don't have clinical research experience.

I've never heard of this company an I've been in the business for 6 years- so I don't know anything about it, but I have to admit their post sounds really suspicious. Especially because they target people from outside the USA who are desperate to get over here and may be willing to give this company money for 'processing', 'fees' or 'training', I'd highly recommend doing a lot of research with the Better Business Bureau and asking unaffiliated people for their opinions about the company's presence in the industry.

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James in Federal Way, Washington

63 months ago

When the grammar of the company name doesn't make sense, you know it can't be legit ("The Veritas Health Care" / "The Veritas Healthcare Solutions")

Karl, I mind if I ask you a quick question?

For someone with a B.S. and lab experience looking to become a CRA, what's the best plan:
1) Get an entry level lab job at a CRO, then ask them to train me for entry level clinical research positions (such as a CTA)
2) Get any office job I can (for the admin experience) while taking a 9 month clinical trial management program at my university
3) Something else?

Thank you!


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JLY in Sacramento, California

50 months ago

Hello everyone, I am glad to come across this thread,I wish I found this in April! Unfortunately,I guess I already am a victim of Veritas's scam.My strong suggestion is DO NOT join them. I will explain my experience with them and you can decide.Personally, I am interested in clinical research,so was looking for online training (as I didn't want to get a MSCR)and I found veritas on Sulekha,as did many students in our training batch.Most attractive part of the advertisement is 'will sponsor H1B'-that is a bait.

So when I called them,they said they have many positions open.I want to live in California and as you guessed,they have 'many positions in bay area'.They kept calling non-stop and said fresh batch is starting this weekend-I am telling you that is a red-flag.They said the course would last 2-2.5 months maximum. Now, it almost 5 months, we are not done with the course and my guess is they don't have any positions open,as they are strethching as much as they can. Most irritating part is, recently they offered some '$10' production specialist job and that if you attend the interview,you HAVE to accept the job.Why in the world would I accept the position,we should be able to make a decision of 'I accept/reject the offer'. Why in the world would I pay for 'Clinical research monitoring' course,if I had to accept a production specialist position.

Anyways,I paid $1500 for the certificate course, which I doubt I will receive!!!Their standards are really low,very unprofessional,you ask them something-they get very defensive,unapproachable after you pay the fee,when you call/email the instructors i.e. in need of clarification regarding the subject matter/exams-YOU NEVER GET A RESPONSE. The receptionist/whoever answers the phone#I have no idea what their qualification is but it is better to talk to walls than talk to unprofessional,ignorant staff#.You tell them you need to talk to someone,following are their answers-contd in next post

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JLY in Sacramento, California

50 months ago

i)they are busy/talking to some other student/instructing other batch
ii)not in the office
iii)some other department is responsible for that/that goes in a circle-you never hear/know the answer
Many students are having the same problems and I have asked them to put their thoughts on this forum, so future enthusiasts will not be affected.Some students are still optismistic that they will find a position for them but I have already learned my lesson, something that sounds too good to be true 99.9999% of the time-you are right.They promise to get you into a CRA position at your choice of location alongwith sponsoring H1B visa-unfortunately, I fell for that. Though I am a licensed RPh(registered pharmacist in California) and have 6 months of experience as a pharmacist with admirable communication and customer service skills, no one is willing to sponsor my H1b transfer for my current employer.I have interviewed with almost all major retail chains and some hospitals,everything goes well and I am offered a position but everything goes downhill after I mention that I need visa sponsorship.So it is best to inform while scheduling an interview, that you need sponsorship,so that neither side is disappointed after the interview.It is very depressing,especially after I have spent $8,000-$10,000 on my pharmacy license exams,books/material,crashcourse,practice exams,licensing fee,continuous education fee,etc.
So,H1b visa sponsoring part(very tempting) is the bait,consulting agencies(esp'lly-veritas)uses,so as Mather said-RUN.I told them I either need my certificate for wasting 5 months of my time/my $1,500 back-she just laughed (I think she must have thought-are you dreaming of getting your money back FROM US-WE ARE SPECIALISTS AT STEALING MONEY SKILLFULLY). The people you would talk to in USA,when you call them are-Tina,Isha,Astha and someone else-don't remember the name;instructors are Dr.Deepthi and Dr.Saritha and owner is Simarjeev Jolly.Nothing is consistent.GOODLUCK.

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