recent graduate offering assistance to recuiters/CRAs (work or VOLUNTEER)

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Cynthia in Toronto, Ontario

69 months ago

I am a recent graduate from U of T with a life science degree (specializing in health and disease). I am very interested in becoming a CRA. I have been applying tirelessly for positions related to clinical research, CRA, clinical trails assistant, clinical data coordinator with no luck. I have familarized my self with basic clinical research processes and GCP. However, it remains very difficult for me to obtain an opportunity in the field as everywhere I look, I am turned down because I don't have enough clinical experience.

Here I am, offering my assistance (volunteer) in any way possible, to recuiters, CRAs, principle investigators in order to prepare my self for the exciting career! I'm also willing to make my self available and travel to wherever needed.

here's a little about my self:

- good knowledge of medical terminology and research methodology.
- excellent communication skills from 3 years of coordinating, organizing outreach and health promotion events. (and HIV education)
- some experience in molecular genetics research (as research assistant in zoology lab).
- organized and great attention to details.

Please contact me at

ps.I have been lurking around indeed for quite a while, I came to notice many great CRAs who's been answering questions and providing advice to others. personally I find it very helpful and just wanted to express my appreciation!

Sincerely *bows*
thank you!

gudgaurav in Sunderland, United Kingdom

36 months ago

Did u get any response ??

gudgaurav in Sunderland, United Kingdom

36 months ago

did u get any response here ?


36 months ago

Because of the proprietary information included in sponsor protocols and due to HIPAA regulations, I understand that any clinical research company would be very hesitant to take on a volunteer or allow someone to do job shadowing.

I'd suggest moving to a clinical research hub like San Diego or Raleigh in order to have an inhouse position.

gudgaurav in Sunderland, United Kingdom

36 months ago

what if u r based at UK

LB in Chicago, Illinois

36 months ago


I do not live in the UK, so you'll have to rely on Google to inform you of the research hub there. My company has offices in two different places in the UK, but I do not know about others.

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