Starting grad school

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jnm08 in Hearne, Texas

95 months ago

Is anyone else really frazzled by the requirements of their grad school for admissions, licensure, etc.? I graduated with my Bachelor's a year ago and never thought I'd even THINK about grad school. Became a teacher, didn't like it, gained enough self confidence to go back and do what I love: counseling.

So, here I am, going to get my Master's to be an LPC or LCDC. Letters of recommendation, a paper on why I'm doing this (crazy in depth, self reflection, growth, experiences, specific goals and future plans)......then, that's not even considering the stress from the financial end. I have $60K debt from undergrad, now about to tack on at least another $40K. How is that a good idea? But people say, go back while you're young.

Thoughts? Anyone else freaking about this?

Anyone that has freaked out and survived it all?

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Ava in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

94 months ago

Everyone freaks out about the application process! But think of it like a job interview. I just graduated with my master's in counseling in May. Here are my thoughts - before you apply and get started check out the jobs in your area or where you want to live. LPC jobs are not plentiful because of the budget cuts everywhere. If you are 100% sure about LPC, then check out addictions counseling. You might also want to check out MSW programs - the jobs are not so very different, but there are more job opportunities for MSW's or LCSW's at least in LA. Also check out LPC board requirements - they are different from state to state and your state license may not be reciprical in other states.

If you go forward with the LPC, after your academic work, you'll have to do practicuum and internship, then take comps (CPCE at my university) and then the NCE.

Good luck!

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