from collection to credit analyis

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Kasaii in Brampton, Ontario

78 months ago

i would like to know what do you really do by being a credit analyst?
i am a collector right now and i would like to know if this a collection experience can be helpful.
i do have a backgroung in finance.

Chris in Atlanta, Georgia

68 months ago

Not much. A little training/fine tuning maybe. Credit anlayst have a little job specific education...maybe from NACM. Your company might pay for this. But, you do not need a other experience to get the position with many companies. Some companies, depending on the size of the accounts, may demand actual experience.

Good luck.

Kaypee in Accra, Ghana

64 months ago

Would like to know where I can get5 some free online Credit Analysis course.

I have been out of work for the past 25months so have no resources to pay fees.

I'm looking for free stuff on Credit Analysis training online.Help please

Cara in Calgary, Alberta

64 months ago

Being a credit analyst, you need to learn how to read both Equifax and TransUnion bureaus. You will need to learn how to assess the risk with each different person based on many factors. I hear there are courses here in Canada, but none that are free. I would stay with collections and move up with a company into credit. Good Luck! :)

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