Odd Interview Conclusion, any ideas?

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SCF in Altoona, Pennsylvania

59 months ago

I recently interviewed at a money center bank for a credit analyst job in commercial and corporate banking. They flew me down, all expenses paid. Told me they had received over 300 applications for the job and that it was between me and 2 others, who also were there that day interviewing. I felt very good about the interviews, that I got along with the team and had the right skills, I even received compliments from them. The hiring manager told me he wanted to have someone in the role within 30 days. So a week later, I still haven't heard anything, I emailed HR and was told this office has decided to continue the search, they didn't hire any of us, that he had just recently heard that. The hiring manager also said they would make a decision the next day after the interviews.

Why did it take so long to let us know, they were still looking, when they supposedly made a decision almost immediately? Any one have any idea what this could mean? Just a very odd response, did not see that coming.

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J in Little Elm, Texas

59 months ago

Similar thing happened to me.

The "corporate" thinking behind continuing the search is that there is so much talent out there with the nations unemployment rate nearing 10% there MUST be someone better.

It is kinda like having a wife who is a 9/10 and feeling bad for yourself since you didnt marry a 10/10.

Like I said a similar thing happend to me, they said they would have a decision made by the end of the week but hopefully as soon as tomorrow. I also had to contact the potential employer. I think it is because the human resource departments dont really care about the people they interview. Almost like they think they are better than you. They dont take into consideration that this is your life

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