hard to get a job

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anonomus in Tucson, Arizona

65 months ago

is this sight for real or what? I been on it for a month, filled out countless apps online, NOT ONE RESPONSE!!!!

Shani325 in Atlanta, Georgia

65 months ago

Yes, the site is real. I know how you feel about filling out countless apps online and it doesn't help that many of them are so got damn long but you have to remember that you have alot of competition out there, so be sure to consider that. I'm dealing with your same frustrations.

josh in Melbourne, Florida

65 months ago

I have heard about a free download called "roboform" tha is suppposed to fill out forms automaticallly for you. I downloaded it from CNET ithink. it looksa little complicated and I havent used it yet. Far as I know it's secure. It requires you to set up a password that can never ever be changed - it says. If this doesnt work I'll bet there is a free download out there just for apps and maybe even resumes.

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