Customer Service

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Brandy Puley in Milwaukee, WI

104 months ago

What is or how would you describe quality customer service?

Chris G in Austin, TX

104 months ago

I think that quality customer service is when the customer feels their concerns have been addressed. It may require action on the part of the representative, or it may just require the representative to listen to a customer describe their issue.

How would you describe it?

Phyllis H in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

104 months ago

Customer service is using the window of opportunity to satisfy your customer beyond their expectations. This can be as simple as remembering to use their name in your conversation, listening to their perceived problems and needs, and offering a valid solution if available. Though the original contact is the ideal time to provide this service, it may take some research and a subsequent contact to find the solution, implement it and advise the customer of your findings. Remember that a customer does not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

pamela in Seattle, Washington

103 months ago

To me customer care is treating each customer with the same respect I would want for myself. That includes good listening skills, and not having to be right, it is more important to the customer to have a chance to tell you what the problem is, then for an answer right away. Yet as you spend more time in that field, you will have answers to their questions. But I have learned that even when it wasn't easy and I didn't know the answer I would have to say that and then get the answer and get back to them. That is what keeps repeat business coming is happy customers. At least in my opinion

Michael in Nashville TN in Franklin, Tennessee

103 months ago

Customer service to me is helping the customer solve problems or save money. You make the customer sucessful and show that you do whatever it takes to make the customer happy to me that a win win situation and hopefully a loyal customer for life. Save them time and money and you have happy clients.

Michael in Nashville TN in Franklin, TN

103 months ago

If there giving you there business you do all most whatever it takes to make them a loyal customer.

Karen in Youngstown, Ohio

93 months ago

Customer service is exactly what it states, if you work in a customer service related field a customer should be given your best customer service talents. More than we know or realize our jobs depend on it. A person providing customer services can make or break a customers future intent to continue receiving service from you, and most of the time the YOU represents a company intrest. I said I've made a promise to myself I will never go to another IGA grocery store, I got off work one day last week, and was truly tired from providing excellent customer service all day, as I completed my grocery shopping, the grocery clerk began to put my groceries in bags on a turnaround. I was appalled that I would have gone to the grocery store after working a long hard day, spend my hard earned money at one of the higher grocers in the area and they had the aduacity to expect me put my groceries in a shopping cart....although I understand the store must have been saving money by not hiring persons to bag, however I felt it certainly wasn't my me that is extremely poor customer service and although their clerks are very friendly...taking on the responsibility of working for IGA for no wage is something I can not and will not accept or tolerate.

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