Customer service/ inside sales

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keiths in Memphis, Tennessee

73 months ago

I have 20+yrs. in customer service and inside sales, doing quotes, order entry, e-mail and fax orders, will call and counter experience.Lighting, electrical, tools, motors, all aspects of construction and manufacturing industry, but can adjust to anything. It just should not be this hard to get a job.

Darrell A. Bashor in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

73 months ago

Ihave over 25 years experience in customer sales in the field of plumbing. Some electrical experience also. I'm a hard work with attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

vanessa king in Westbury, New York

73 months ago

loan office looking for work

vanessa.king55 in Westbury, New York

73 months ago

loan officer looking for work.

Keston.Opportunity in Baltimore, Maryland

73 months ago

vanessa king in Westbury, New York said: loan office looking for work

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