jobs for seniors

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rita in Orlando, Florida

57 months ago

I think also it is age discrimination although you will never be told that is the reason for them not hiring you. It is hard right now for everyone and employers will pick the best of the best and pay them the least because it is easier to fill a job now then ever.

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Sukyvic62@*****.*** in San Diego, California

53 months ago

I do feel discriminated because of age, I have 40 years experience in Customer Service, I was a Fiscal Supervisor and
I spent 30 years in the banking industry. I feel the more experience I have the less they want to hire me, it is much easier to hire a teen and pay them less that someone that is dependable, reliable and know their jobs.

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Girish in Bangalore, India

50 months ago

I feel the companies are going slow in hiring & also sending back people with experience as they find it difficult to manage the experience speak.

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proflady@*****.*** in Wilmington, North Carolina

27 months ago

you're right on the button re: hiring seniors. this is a "good ole boys club" here in Wilmington, nc hiring the least paid most young people because of least paid least experienced, and above all least qualified in services as to the most experienced trust worthy & dependable seniors.

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joyce.patterson100@*****.*** in Clearwater, Florida

26 months ago

carolwolf in Largo, Florida said: why it is so difficult for people over 60 to get a job - all I want is a part time job to supplement my social security (which of course you can not live on alone) - this is the worst job market I have seen - what happened to the good old days when you answered an ad - called and got the interview - and if you were good- got the first job you applied for - this going online and applying in cyber space - you never even know if someone is getting your application - or it is being read by an alien - who probably has your job (haha) oh well - someone please reply???!!!I am a graduate student with a newly earned Bachelor's degree in Psychology and for the life of me, no one has been willing to hire me, could it be because I am 66 years of age? I have not quit working, and live on Social security widow's benefits. I am still pursuing my master degree in Behavior Health and in 8 months, I will graduate again. Where can I find a job now????

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GLORIA YOUNG in Saint Louis, Missouri

5 months ago

joyce.patterson100@*****.*** in Clearwater, Florida said:

Well everything I'm reading is very discouraging. I understand that companies want the best for less but since I too am over 60 and looking for part time work to supplement my SSN and I am highly skilled in health insurance, customer service(25 years) and credit reporting analyst (6 years) . I recently quit a full time job in which worked for a company that handled/processed credit reporting via telecommunications for Verizon Business. I requested part time (24 hrs weekly) because I wanted more time for me. I am also an ordained minister so I want more time for that as well. I am hoping that these employers will begin to see the wisdom of hiring someone who will be far more dependable than the younger people who are only waiting for the job they had hoped for to call.

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