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Bekka in Rancho Cucamonga, California

96 months ago

I currenty have a job as a customer service rep but I am quickly growing to loath my job
I don't mean to be ungreatful-I was hired as a CSR-but now I am doing insides sales along with being a CSR and I don't honestly believe that I am being paid fairly
I handle the accounts/write ups and release for 4 sales reps who call me to call their customer to get orders-Not to mention any cold calls that come in, faxed inquires.
I get no commission on any new orders I bring in- my true resentment is that I just found out that they are hiring a new CSR for twice what I make and she will have half the responsibilites.
My questons is - what do I do?

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Mandy Lightfoot in Columbus, Ohio

95 months ago

I would talk to your boss about your concerns because communication is the key. I'm not sure if you should bring up about the other CSR is getting paid or not because I know at my job we are not allowed to talk about our pay, but of course we all do anyway! I have worked for this company that promised to give me a raise three months after I was hired and they were also promised to give me another raise after January of this year. Well I didn't recive the raises and I was talking to this new girl that started and she said that they are paying her 8.50 an hour and I only make 7.75 an hour she had no experience. They also hired on a girl that also did not have no experience at 8.50 an hour and she was hired on 2 weeks after I started. I got tired of it and I found another job in Customer Service and I can work from my home after three months at Cox Cable Company.

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gerardojosey in San Diego, California

81 months ago

mandy how were you able to work at home? what process do you have to go through?

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