Is there any long term Office manager positions ?

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Dore in Los Angeles, California

80 months ago

Hello, Is there any long term office manager positions anymore? I have recently heard from friends that the
employee turnaround is very rapidly.
some offices swith front staff like
clicking the lights on and off. Is it
the economy? the staff ? or the Doctor?
please enlight me with some info. thanks

erika in Los Angeles, California

79 months ago

it depends and and turarounds happens, i my self have been in the turnaround position, best advise and thing to do is give it all your 200% and play it by ear. always have plan A and B as back up. i been to offices and seen in less than 3months 8 treating Doctors come and go as well for managers. its really important you focus and take action and solve your office downs. Office Owners are now looking for low pay Doctors and Managers due to economy.

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