What do you enjoy most about your dental office manager career?

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What do you enjoy most about being a dental office manager? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and advance?

What keeps you at your job?

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Unknown in Fort Myers, Florida

86 months ago

In general, it is always better to better in my opinion to be in a management position vs. a service provider position. You have more control over your work environment. It is a challenging and rewarding career. There are three types of employees
1) Prisoner
2) Vacationer
3) Explorer
As a manager you must be an explorer.

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Tooth Fairy in Commerce City, Colorado

85 months ago

I like working with people. I like to drive people to the results they are capable of bringing to the table as individuals.

The area that I least care for is the lack of perceived need from patients for quality dentistry. They dis-associate their mouths from any other portioin of their "health".

Dentistry is a fun and always changing environment. Every patient is different, and the new and advanced technology that is finally coming into dentistry makes it fun and challenging.

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DBird in Fort Worth, Texas

84 months ago

I love getting the team to work as a team. Everyone has something to contribute whether it may seem big or small. It makes a better work place and a better place to be as a patient. I love to see a patient smile and like what they see. I believe that Dentistry can sell itself if it is presented to the patient where they can understand it. THANK YOU INTERORAL CAMERAS!! Treating the patients as I would want to be treated or I would like my family to be treated has always worked for me.

Oh there's always a negative Nelly, a positive Polly and a lazy Lana but the only one I just can't stand is an employee who constantly starts DRAMA. Blaming other people for their mistakes instead of trying to fix the error that was made. What are you doing people? There is so much to be done how is it that they have time to talk poorly about the Doctor, the front desk and even the patients. It is like the rotten apple in the bunch. Diffusing the Drama Diva can be very tricky. Have any suggestions you would like to share?

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