Dental Assisting Or Receptionist.

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Samantha Santiago in New Bedford, Massachusetts

54 months ago

Hello My Name Is Samantha Santiago & I Am A Senior In Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech I Have My Certification In Radiography & Im Very Passionate About This Field. My Biggest Issue Is Actually Getting Into An Assistant Or Front Desk Position I Really Want To Become An Assistant But Because I Have No Experience I Never Get Any Calls Back. I Choose To Never Give I Am Determined To Do This For Me. Does Anyone Have Any Advice On What An Unexperienced Dental Assistant Can Do To Recieve A Position?

Amber Louge in New York, New York

53 months ago

Make a letter and express your desire to become a Dental Assistant or Front desk Receptionist, & also state that you are willing to volunteer for a few months. Remember that you are competing with a lot of experienced people in this field, so you have to be willing to start from the ground up to get your experience. I have seen many women, volunteer, Job shadow in the Dental Field and move along with their experience.

If you are very personable, quick leaner, then why not?

Voluntering would be the key, You may not get paid, but you are getting free training. Many Doctors do not mind, since wages are not arranged, only your time. It is a good opportunity to network with the Staff & Doctors. The Doctor could like you enough after some time, and hire you. Or a co-worker can tell you about a job opening and give you good word.

Amber Louge in New York, New York

53 months ago

One more thing, After you make a letter, Mail it out to every office in you area.

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