trying to get my foot in the door

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kimnmd in Silver Spring, Maryland

78 months ago

i have been trying to get an entry level position as a dental receptionist. i have no experience in the dental field but, how hard could it be to learn? in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

78 months ago

Thank you for asking ? I am in the same situations...i work for dental compony and i just want to know what should i do know...

Tamara in Lynnwood, Washington

78 months ago

Yes, I too would like to know. I'm considering on making a career change and have been thinking about a dental receptionis career. But, I know everyone wants at least 1 year, 2 years or even 3 years experience!!! How frustrating!. I was a receptionist for a financial institution 20 years ago, and a lot has changed.

My suggestion is to do a little research. Do you homework and spend the time to find a "dental front office training" in your area. Google or Yahoo it and type in a major city you live near. I live in Lynnwood, WA (20 miles north of Seattle) and I have found two nearby. The cost is $3000 for 6 or 8 week training, attending 2 times per week. I am truly considering going that route. My chances will be a bit greater in getting my foot in the door!

If anyone else has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!. Thanks.

slimjim29 in Greensboro, North Carolina

75 months ago

I am also a entry level dental assistant I. My graduation date was this past month and I have been trying to put my resume out there as much as possible. Its hard because nist places want you to have alot of experience but how is that possible if you are a new graduate. I wanted to know what is the best way to get my foot in the door and how I should go about finding a position.

chandni in Gainesville, Virginia

74 months ago


I too am looking to get my foot in the door in dentistry. I'm trying to get a dental receptionist job but it's been very hard. I am also looking for schools but money is also an issue. And also will I be able to find a job afterwards. I know most places wants you to have from 1-3 years experience.

I've looked at The Allied School Online program and I'm wondering if anyone have gone with that school. Please let me know. My goal is to become a Dental Treatment Coordinator.


deelyn in Apopka, Florida

74 months ago

Hello, When I started in dentistry years ago dental practices were more willing to train on-the-job. Today the demand is high for candidates who are state or nationally certified in expanded functions and dental radiology, as well as experienced.

My recommendation would be to Google your area for the local dental society. Call to see if they have a listing of dental offices looking for the positions you are seeking. Some may be willing to train you. You can also ask your dentist, a friend's or family member's to see if they would be willing to have you work in the office. Another option is contacting a large group organization. Assistants can start as sterilization techs until they gain more experience chairside. Receptionists can begin in the front office filing charts and verifying insurance, etc. If you really want this it is worth pursuing! Good luck!

chandni in Gainesville, Virginia

74 months ago

thank you..i will try that.

thanks again

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