Should I go to Dentistry school?

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Me in Aurora, Colorado

77 months ago

I am an established 28 year old with a wife and 2 kids. I have been working in construction for the last 10 years and recently I have been harboring this secret disire to go into dentistry. I have done hours of research online and am going to be sitting down with my dentist in a week to pick his brain. I find the field of dentistry very intrieging(sp) and feel that I would do well and enjoy it. My question is this: Can I afford to do this? As I said I have a family to support and if I go to dentistry school I will be unable to even have a part time job. Can financial aid cover not only tuition, books, and supplies, but also my living expenses, bills, and other necessities that come with a family of four? I have no savings and no family members with large amounts of cash to donate. Based on the research that I have done, it seems that financial aid works best for students fresh from high school and it is very difficult if not impossible for an older individual supporting a family to break in. Any thoughts, advise, or personal stories from people in similar situations would be greatly appreciated

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